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I have shopped at the Frys on Baseline & Power in Mesa, AZ for almost 7 years. The last 6 months have been so different.

The meat department looks awful. Always see bad food for sale. The 'new' folks that work in that department are rude & not helpful at all. I never returned any food there till a couple of months ago..

Chicken, opened the package of breast and the fat on the bottom was gray! Then last week had company for dinner, husband opened up a package of baby back ribs, OMG the smell was so bad! He was so made he took them back himself , I found hamburger I had in the freezer so was going to make spaghetti sauce. I fried the meat up and it smelled really bad, had to trash that too.

I go to the pharmacy there (nicest people work in pharmacy dept) and had to wait so I looked around. Found a good deal on hamburger so I bought two packages, came home to separate it into half pound packages and freeze them. Just opened one of them, I took a picture. It was so nice and red looking.

removed top layer of meat and found it all very dark on the inside.

So it was obvious that they took old meat and covered it up! I will NEVER by ANY meat from Frys again!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #804863

The wrapping of fresh meat over older meat is a tried-and-true procedure of bad butchers (or bad procedures instituted by the market).

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #770276

Call your local health department and report them before someone gets real sick or dies from food poisioning.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #770095

Ground beef will turn colors from the light. But the stench is from being around too long. Do you check the sell by dates

Mesa, Arizona, United States #770091
sorry about typo's , was to mad while typing!

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