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I work for fry's food and Drug in Scottsdale AZ and a convenience store as well. I took both minimum wage jobs to get out of the house, to have an outlet.

I am just beside side my self with a lot of customers that stand in front of my registers, first in filthy, nassssty moods or attitudes. Some of you people are just rude and condescending, impatient and down right belligerent.

We are hired to do a job, provide great customer service to help your shopping experience be a better one. For most of you you hate the automated self checkouts...because they are in human....

But you do not even give a *** to think I could be home and you YOU would have to talk or check out through a machine....

For the most part . Am I perfect? No... Should I have products thrown on my register belt , just because your in a bad mood or impatient? No!

If the computer acts up or scans more than it should, maybe momentarily hand back the wrong change or any human error that can possibly happen do I deserve less than respect for being THERE FOR YOU....NO! Most of us get two days training...YOU PEOPLE expect us to get EVERYTHING PERFECT...you even expect us to know the weekly sale items and ads, even where everything is in the store....SMDH!

I have company policies and procedures to follow, even laws....Some of you people come in and get mad or upset because we are required to do the jobs according to company policies and procedures..Example liquor laws do not only affect YOU, the store but we as cashiers, can get arrested right on the spot for selling liquor or restricted sale items to anyone underage, without proper ID, intoxicated and more... If your in a group of people we have to card EVERYONE! If one person is underage we have the right to refuse service. If you make a joke about being underage, we are supposed to refuse you (because of the sting codes)..Yes FRYS has a policy to record EVERY ID down that WE ask for....THEIR POLICY NOT OURs....Just because you have never experienced that before means a couple of things....freshly trained people will follow the guidelines to a tee....after a while we can just record that info in the computer ( we can still get into trouble for not wring it in the Yellow book( State Law) BETTER FOR YOU TO GET SOMEONE LIKE ME THAT CARDS YOU AND OTHERS, RATHER THAN THE ONES THAT ARE LETTING SOMEONES KIDS BUY LIQUOR OR THAT DRUNK DRIVER HAVE MORE BOOZE! but the state laws applies as well ...They have private stings that come in to test us as CSRs if we fail those stings we are subjected $2500 in fines, ARRESTED or I can lose my drivers license...Plus the stores are subject to different types of fines as well. I AM NOT losing my licences, going to jail or paying a fine for ANY OF YOU PEOPLE that find it offensive, or what ever you you think....NOT ME I AM Carding YOU and All of your friends...So some of you people that dont want to get carded....It's not about you...it's about other people rules, laws and policies..that we GET PAID TO ABIDE IN....How does it feel when we come into your place of business not respecting your job requirements?

I just feel like you people take us under paid cashiers, store clerks for granted...you look down on like a piece of trash, that you can disrespect, spit on or say anything you like or tell our boss or companies because you should NOT have to be subject to US being human....go figure?

Some of you toss out ridiculous bagging instructions, one or two items per bag, no plastic because you want to save a tree or the environment (your belief Why get mad at me?)Put it in plastic then paper, no , put it in paper then plastic...Use your dirty nasty filthy bags, YOU NEVER wash...(Hmmmn)

You want us to take money from you that you pull from private parts, sweatsoak filthy money, some of you even come in unbearable smelly and nasty...but WE are the bad guys...

What about you customers that take a product home bring it back half gone, eaten or bring it back a week or months later wanting a refund (WOW!) What about those of you that say you left a purchase and didn't....YOU LEAVING YOUR PURCHASES< CHANGE, MONEY Behind is NOT Our responsibility nor is it our fault!!!. Nor any problems with check card machines, credit, debit machine...( No you didn't just blame me because you swiped your card too fast or YOUR bank DENIED YOUR Purchase...Yes ya did) (You cannot fix ***) We should work together for both parties to have a great shopping experience!

Stores, that have campaigns, survey, promotions, upsales...do you think its OUR Idea as a cashier, clerk to ask each customer to donate or buy another product? HA!HA!HA!HA!

Tsk! Tsk! you would think I or my fellow associates wake up everyday to come into that job and want to talk our whole shift to each and every customer....We do not always want to to bug people like that....But it's not our choice.....

No you did not just complain to management that an employee parked their car in a handicapped space ...that His placard should have been hanging up, not laying down on the dash board in plain sight... Handicapped spaces are for customers only....WOW! Last I heard ADA law requires businesses to provide reasonable accommodations for customers and employees as well....but we don't count! Were not allowed to be disabled or human....SMDH!

When you hear the customer is always right.....that only applies to products and services those companies are responsible for providing to us as consumers....

It does NOT mean your allowed to come in and Disrespect us a a person, spit on us or cuss us out, throw things blame us for your ill moods....

I heard the stories, now I have experienced it personally....some of YOU as consumers are really shameful and nasty without respect to that other person that behind the register helping you out.

one day your gonna look up and its only a machine helping you and not US humans.....Have some respect for us...Its NOT always about YOU!


sick to my stomach with you being nasty and un greatful to US that are there to HELP YOU!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #1241135

I get it. Retail sucks.

Any customer service job does. Been there. Done that. Save every penny you can and get an education.

Get out of retail. The pay isn't what it use to be. And for your information, those kind of customers are also rude to their fellow shoppers .

That's the age we live in. Don't take it personally

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1231556

Retail sucks. So do some customers.

And some employees. Can't we all just be nice?

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1231486

Wow!! Great rant!!!

Hope you got it all out.

I have been in the business 35 years and know how you feel! My experience has been it's the few jerks that ruin the day.


QUIT your job then.

I worked at a Grocery Store [Whole Foods], for over 2 years.

But I DIDN'T dare to treat a customer badly like the employees do at your store. Nor, did I dare to talk about anyone like you are.

Sure there were rotten people once in a while, BUT I did NOT let it affect my day!

Nor did I judge everyone for it.

I worked at a grocery store as a cashier & I hold you guys to a higher standard because I know what it is like being a cashier.

You are getting paid to be THERE. WE ARE SPENDING MONEY THERE, hun. REALIZE THAT.

THANK GOD I GOT AN EDUCATION, & NOW I DON'T HAVE TO BE A MISERABLE AND PISSED OFF PERSON LIKE YOU. If you were pleasant, than people would respect you. But with these kind of comments, you certainly ARE NOT A PLEASANT CASHIER. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

I just GOT SHAT on your store, by your employees. You guys have a SERIOUS problem. Just because I am in my early 20's and have an education, doesn't mean I have to be treated like I am NO ONE.

I make more money in ONE DAY than you make in 2 weeks.

to Anonymous #1110350

@Anonymous...I do not have to quit my Job, nor am I rude,or unpleasant...Nor am I nasty to my customers...first of all I like interfacing with the public and 96% percent of the people that come into the stores don't do or act like the people mentioned above. My message above was one to the ungrateful,ungraceful selfish...etc customers that forget WE ARE ALL HUMAN....and DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH THE SAME RESPECT THAT'S GIVEN TO THEM....If you read my statement correctly before trying to tell me what I should do...

then you would have grasped that.... Not every consumer is like that....Not every cashier is pleasant either....However, we all have to remember that companies set up policies we ALL have to adhere to. People should respect that and I stand firm on my belief, which is not mean but my opinion, people should wash their filthy grocery bags and not keep their money in sweaty private parts...that unsanitary and nasty for US. As far as the money you make congrats....

I am not trying to compare my self or earnings to you or yours....I took a minimum wage job to work with the public....and people should respect that some of us want to work in customer service positions to help others....but don't treat us like trash, because we are in those positions providing a service that many people greatly need.

Finally, Yes I am getting paid to be there, but I am not getting paid to be dis respected or treated with dis regard. Yes in this note I sounded off angry, not just for me but for fellow cashiers, customers service representatives that have shared their experiences with me. It has nothing to do with any of us not having a better education.... Its all about we chose to work with the pubic....

and some of the public need to remember that!

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